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Raffael Jesche

Vectorized photo of Raffael Jesche, walking while holding a laptop in his right hand and scratching his head with the other hand.

Web development and web design

Do you need a new website, a minor change for your existing one or a more complicated enhancement? Than let's work together. I'm a programmer with an artistic background. Clean and simple designs are my favourite, but I'm also open for extravagance and playful details.


Mostly I'm programming in PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. MySQL, SQLite and MongoDB are familiar. I worked with WordPress a lot, but I believe, that better alternatives exist. My favourite content management system was Cockpit CMS for a long time. It is clean written, easy to extend and I read most of it's source code. Unfortunately it evolved with version 2 in a direction, that's not compatible anymore with my workflow. Therefore I moved to Drupal. It is similarly in modularity as Cockpit, is also open source, has a much bigger community and a stronger focus on accessibility.

Over the years I worked with a lot of other tools. Some are familiar, others need a familiarization phase. So here's an incomplete list: Linux, docker, git, node.js, composer, bash, batch, vue.js, d3.js, riot.js, react.js, Nextcloud,, jQuery, 11ty, jekyll, Hugo, ffmpeg, exiftool, SCSS, Gimp, Inkscape, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere, Blender...


Privacy by design and by default: Unnecessary third party services must be avoided. Unavoidable ones need an opt-in.

Open source software is preferable over propriatary software.

Modularity and semantics: Tools should be easy to extend. Meaningless content should be avoided, content and layout are separated. CSS3 is preferable over div soup and websites must be accessible without JavaScript.

Exceptions prove the rule ;-)